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Saber fruit is a Moroccan group specialized in the vegetable sector, chaired by Mr. FAOUZI AZEHAF. The group policy will be based on the respect for the environment, the commitment in a social approach, food security and the integration of trades: production, packaging, logistics and marketing.
Saber fruits will be demanding on the quality of the product and the conditions of production, he will engage in the process of continuous improvement of the quality, to the satisfaction of the customer and the final consumer.

The saber fruit group is also committed to ensure the trust and credibility of our customers in the global market, based on a strategy of synergies and integration of the know-how of our teams.


The entire production of 267 hectares SABER PRIMEUR ware sector of SABER FRUIT thus indebted producers affiliates are conditioned to his station, packaging and packing.
The station SABER FRUIT located 5 km from BIOUGRA road Sebt Ait Milk field 27276 m2.
The station has a capacity of 400 tons of primeur including 260 tons of tomatoes and 140 tons of vegetables, and a cooling capacity of about 238 pallets or 8 refrigerated trucks, has the latest technology in packaging and storage calibration.

The SABER FRUIT station is one of the few stations to be fully air-conditioned; we process our products in the best conditions, with a particular attention to fragile and perishable vegetables.

Human resources

The group works with 1600 agents left as suite: 120 supervisors and managers
5 out of frames
1475 workers


The Group has 400 houses for the accommodation of the employees Also has a large bath in full farm
Infirmary in full station
Preserves all the social needs of the hosted

Marketing of the Product

Our merchandise is marketed at the level of Europe as well as Africa and at the same time In Asia, regarding our office in GLOBTRAD Europe dealing with sales.